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Kymberly's Videos


A Children's Series the Celebrates Black History.png
This enlightening children's series was created by Kymberly from a desire to educate children on the vibrant history and culture of African Americans. The episodes are engaging with fun songs that capture its' young audience's attention immediately. 

The Thankful Box

The Thankful Box is a series that explores thankfulness and gratitude. The episodes feature talented children's artists and musician as guests who share what they are thankful for. Created by Kymberly.  

Notable Videos

Angel City Choral  performing "Africa" on America's Got Talent
One Tribe by 1Tribe Collective

Kymberly's videos are specifically for preschool and early elementary aged students that foster creativity and promote respect for other cultures. Her content can be viewed on YouTube and Sensicaltv. 

Fun Learning Videos

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