Videos & Web Series

Kymberly has created a large number of videos on her youtube channel specifically for preschool and early elementary students that fosters creativity and  through singing, dancing, and exploring the world we live in. Her songs are original and catchy and always leave kids wanting more. Kymberly offers curated videos for preschool classes, library programs, churches and organizations that promote early childhood education.
Preschool & Early Elementary 
Welcome to the Black History Museum
The children's series, Welcome to the Black History Museum, was created in February 2020 from a desire to educate children on the vibrant history and culture of African Americans. Kymberly wrote and produced all the songs on the series.   

The Thankful Box

The Thankful Box, is a series that encourages thankfulness and gratitude. The show features other talented children's artists as special guests. The theme song was written and produced by Kymberly. Watch the full series here 

Music Videos

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