Miss Kym's Music Place

Miss Kym’s Music Place is a new series created by Kymberly with all original music written and composed by Kymberly. Perfect for ages 3-8.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Welcome to the Black History Museum
Welcome to the Black History Museum! This is a place where we learn about and celebrate Black History, and All children are welcome. Kymberly created this series for children from a desire to keep the vibrant history and culture of African Americans alive for today’s children and the generations of children to come! Let’s celebrate! 
Episode 1
Episode 3
Episode 2
Episode 4

The Thankful Box

Kymberly created The Thankful Box, a series on thankfulness during the month of November  The Thankful Box is where she keeps some of the many things that she is thankful for. Children are encouraged to create their own thankful boxes and share them with their families and friends. 
Episode 1
Episode 4 with Nanny Nikki
Episode 10 with Val Silly Goose
Episode 2 with Kids Imagine Nation
Episode 7 with Uncle Devin
Episode 12 with Twinkle Time

Music Videos