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"Kym is so talented. My 4-year-old daughter loves her music. Her favorite song is I Am A Robot. My daughter taught her 2-year-old twin brothers all the moves. I love how the music  Kym writes also keeps kids active and moving. Watching her perform her music live showcases her talent for performing and working with children." -Kacy, Parent

We saw Kymberly Stewart at Littlepalooza in Long Beach and loved her! My son loved her songs and energy, she has so much fun while she's singing and even while she's just walking around. If I was looking for a kids musical entertainer I would pick her!"

-Parent at Littlepalooza

Giggles and Curls is our 4-year-old's favorite album. She requests it every time we get into the car and I am more than happy to oblige because, while it's music for kids, it is not annoying kids music. It's pleasant to listen to with great music, vocals, and lyrics. it's adorable to listen to my child singing along. -Amanda