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Click the laptops to read  some great reviews of Kymberly's music!
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"And by the way..."

"We saw Kymberly Stewart at Littlepalooza in Long Beach yesterday and loved her! My son loved her songs and energy, she has so much fun while she's singing and even while she's just walking around. If I was looking for a kids musical entertainer I would pick her!

Parent at Littlepalooza

"Our library has had the privilege of hosting Kymberly Stewart's entertaining, educational and well- planned music programs on numerous occassions. Ms. Stewart understands the priniciples of early learning and is adept at constructing a lively and dynamic curriculum for the 3-5 year-old. She is very patient, something caregivers truly appreciate, and her interactive teaching style is very engaging for toddlers and preschoolers alike."-Leila Hassen, Azusa Public Library Youth Events Coordinator

Leila Hassen, Youth Events Coordinator - Azusa Public Library

"As a dance movement therapist who works with a wide range of children from all backgrounds I'm always looking for music to use in my therapy sessions that is fun, educational and with themes children can relate to. Kymberly's music is prefect for all settings! My clients love her songs. I recommend her music to anyone who works with kids  and parents."
-Rachael Singer, MS DMT, R-DMT  


“Kym is so talented. My 4 year old daughter loves her music. Her favorite song is "I am a robot". My daughter taught her 2 year old twin brothers all the moves. I love how the music she writes also keeps kids active and moving. Watching her perform her music live showcases her talent for performing and working with children.”

Kacy Walker-Parent

"Giggles and Curls has become an absolute listeningStaple in our house. Every one of the songs is catchy, but unlike other kid's music can sometimes be, they never get annoying in the slightest! My 15-month-old loves the jazzy version of the ABCs, while my 4 year-old says, "This one is my favorite about any song that plays. Admittedly, I once got  into my car without my kids and the album was playing and I didn't turn it off. It's THAT good, parents!" -Kate Kemlen, Parent
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