Kymberly creates music that promotes positivity and early childhood learning over a soundboard of jazz, gospel and soulful -pop sounds. With age appropriate lyrics that children can identify with and sophisticated music that parents and caregivers can appreciate, she creates a musical experience that the entire family can enjoy together.

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Kymberly's new song, Beautiful Brown Babies, was first featured on the GRAMMY®  nominated children's album, All One Tribe. Noted for its' jazzy arrangement and complex harmonies, the song celebrates the unique beauty of children of color and reminds them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. 
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Featuring her hit song, I Am A Robot, Kymberly's CD, Giggles & Curls, is upbeat and interactive, offering songs that promote positivity and early childhood education and celebrate childhood.

In June 2021 Kymberly released the children's compilation album All One Tribe with 1 Tribe Collective, a group of  24 Black artists in the children and family genre. The album celebrates the rich diversity of African American culture and promotes positive self imaging for black and brown children.

Kymberly's song, Beautiful Brown Babies, is track number 11 on the album and is especially unique as it speaks directly to black children, praising them from their hair to their skin tone, and reminds them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. On November 23, 2021, All One Tribe was nominated for a GRAMMY® for Best Children's Album.


Love Makes A Family
Brown Boy Brown Girl
Martin Luther King's Dream
Halloween Is Here Tonight
I'm Thankful
Autumn Leaves Are Falling
My Rhythm Sticks
Apples Dipped in Honey
How Does Your Body Feel?
I Hear America Singing
Rainbow Love Song