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Kymberly creates music that promotes positivity, unity and self-worth over a soundscape of jazz, gospel and soulful -pop sounds. With age appropriate lyrics that children can identify with and sophisticated music that adults can appreciate, she creates a musical experience that the entire family can enjoy together. Her songs can be heard on Sirius XM Kids Place Live and Wee Nation Radio.

Kymberly's first full length album, Giggles and Curls, was released in March, 2020, and quickly became a staple in preschool classrooms and homes with young children across the world. Songs on this album have been featured on Sirius XM Kids Place Live and WEE Nation Radio. According to Successful Black Parenting Magazine, "This upbeat and interactive album is great for young children and will be a lot of fun in the classroom.."

"Kymberly's music is prefect for all settings! My clients love her songs.." -Rachael Singer, MS DMT, R-DMT  

Kymberly's Music  

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