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Martin Luther King's Dream

Keep Martin Luther King's legacy of peace, equality, and justice alive with this original song written by Kymberly and Kira Rappaport. This song is a useful tool in the classroom and at home for teaching children about the civil rights leader's dream of freedom for everyone.

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Brown Boy Brown Girl
is Kymberly's latest release. Written during the height of racial and social unrest that continues to plague the nation, Kymberly has composed a powerful and tender ballad, reminding African American children of their value, beauty, and worth. 
Giggles & Curls the Deluxe Expanded Edition Full CD

Kymberly's original debut children’s EP, Giggles and Curls, introduced great songs like the jazz influenced "I Like to Sing My ABCs" and the popular preschool favorite, "I Am A Robot". Her sophomore release, Giggles & Curls the Deluxe Expanded Edition, continues to showcase her talent and passion for creating children's music. This new CD has the same songs from the first one plus three new songs that are just as energetic and infectious. "Let's Pop Some Corn" is an ode to the classic rap style of the 80's, while "Down, Down, Up Up" is a Hip Hop/R&B infused track that will get kids moving and exercising their gross motor skills. 

Upbeat and interactive, the CD offers songs that promote positivity and early childhood education over a soundboard of jazz, gospel and soulful -pop sounds.The Giggles & Curls Deluxe Expanded Edition is a must have for the classroom, dance school, at home, in the car...and any place where good music is desired. 

Autumn Leaves Are Falling Single

Autumn Leaves Are Falling is Kymberly's latest release. Upbeat with a nostalgic sound reminiscent of the 1960's girl doo-wop groups, this song celebrates the beginning of the fall season, when the leaves change colors and fall from the trees. With it's tight harmonies, bouncing bass line, and retro drums that capture the Motown sound, this new release is a winner.  

Halloween Is Here Tonight Single

Halloween Is Here Tonight is Kymberly's not so scary offering to young children who like Halloween without the gore and super scary antics. This jazzy song invites kids to fully emerge themselves in one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Witchy melodies and a snazzy trumpet make this big band number a must have for every Halloween playlist.

Giggles & Curls

Kymberly's original debut EP, Giggles and Curls, introduced great songs like the jazz influenced I Like to Sing My ABCs and the preschool Hip Hop favorite I Am A Robot.

A celebration of childhood, this CD touches on milestones and every day wonders with songs that allow children to sing, dance, and be entertained all at once. 

Giggles and Curls has become an absolute listening Staple in our house. Every one of the songs is catchy, but unlike other kid's music can sometimes be, they never get annoying in the slightest! My 15-month-old loves the jazzy version of the ABCs, while my 4 year-old says, "This one is my favorite about any song that plays. Admittedly, I once got  into my car without my kids and the album was playing and I didn't turn it off. It's THAT good, parents! -Kate

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