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Kymberly Stewart is a GRAMMY® Nominated children's singer/songwriter, musician, and early childhood music educator who is committed to creating quality music and content for children.
Her music celebrates childhood and promotes unity, acceptance, and self-love. 
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Kymberly's New Album, Everybody Needs A Little Sunshine, will be released in April 2023

A rich collection of gospel, Doo-Wop, and 80s RnB inspired songs, the Kymberly's sophomore album promotes unity, kindness, respect, and self-love. Infused with joy, Everybody Needs A Little Sunshine inspires children and families to enjoy the good things in every day. 

Official Cover Art Yellow Resized.png
Album Cover llustration by Jasmine Mills

Kymberly's Live Performances are upbeat and interactive and get everybody moving.

"Kymberly’s show was not only entertaining and energizing but relevant, educational and skillfully put together. Working with Kymberly was a joy and the we at the Fort Greene Park Conservancy would love to work with her again!" -Fort Green Park Conservancy, Brooklyn, NY

"We saw Kymberly Stewart at Littlepalooza in Long Beach yesterday and loved her! My son loved her songs and energy, she has so much fun while she's singing and even while she's just walking around. If I was looking for a kids musical entertainer I would pick her!-

Parent at Littlepalooza,

Long Beach, CA

Kymberly's new song, Little Hip Hop Bunnies, is available for Download and Streaming on all music platforms!

 This is a Hip Hop version the classic sleeping bunnies song. Alternating between soothing piano and funky grooves, it will have toddlers and preschoolers hopping all day long!
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Written by Kymberly Stewart
Produced by Vincent Walker, Kymberly Stewart
Kymberly's original song, Beautiful Brown Babies was first featured on the GRAMMY nominated children's album ALL 1 Tribe. Noted for it's jazzy arrangement and harmonies, it is an uplifting ode to children everywhere. Love Makes A Family is a on the soon-to-be-released album, Everybody Needs A Little Sunshine.
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00:00 / 01:04

Kymberly has a great number of well crafted, developmentally appropriate music and sketch videos for toddlers, preschoolers and early elementary aged children that can be watched on Youtube and Sensicaltv. 

Watch The Peanut Man Black History Video

Crown Sounds ft Kymberly Stewart, 10-8-22, web, photo credit Winston Williams-Brooklyn Chi
Crown Sounds ft Kymberly Stewart, 10-8-22, web, photo credit Winston Williams-Brooklyn Chi
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